Designed, Installed & Maintained

Here at Blue Heron Landscape & Design we can create a customized water feature to suit any landscape. Custom pools, garden ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, and bubbling urns are just a few of the unique items that can transform your landscaping project into a personal haven.

Studies have shown that the sound of falling water increases our levels of serotonin, which in turn energizes us and and puts us in a better mood. So not only do fountains and waterfalls help reduce stress but they can also renew us from the hard day's work. When adding a water feature to your outdoor living space you are adding a focal point that will bring elegance and appeal to your space plus improve your well being and overall happiness.

Water features are a great way to revamp a simple outdoor space. They need be neither high maintenance nor complicated when designed well. Adding something as simple as a waterfall to a pool or water source can add a dramatic flair. Bubbling urns and fountains are other ways to add the tranquility and relaxing nature of running water to your outdoor space.