Low Voltage, Landscape Lighting Systems

Designed, Installed & Maintained

Low voltage landscape lighting does more than beautify, although when done skillfully it can beautify spectacularly. Lighting also extends the usable time you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces into the summer night or, later in the year, into the evening hours. When you consider the expense associated with installing your outdoor living spaces, extending the time you can enjoy that space may be the best additional investment you can make.
Not to be minimized is the increased safety, security and crime deterrence that all additional lighting can provide.
Blue Heron Landscape can custom design, install and maintain a complete landscape lighting system for your home, landscape, pool and outdoor living spaces. We install state of the art LED landscape lighting fixtures, and transformers from the top manufacturers, utilizing the latest in installation technology. Our systems can provide multiple zones, staggered timing, special event timing, dimming for effect and dimming on demand, zone(s) on/off on demand as well as a range of other features custom to your home and outdoor living spaces.
The system will automatically adjust for daylight savings time, it will hold the programming in the event of a power failure and the on/off times will automatically adjust as the time of sunset and sunrise changes throughout the year. You will never be required to adjust the system. However, if you wish, you may adjust timing, zoning, on/off by zone and dimming using a handy remote or even your cell phone.
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Did you know?

  • Small starter systems can be fully expandable
  • All transformer warranties are lifetime
  • Fixture warranties from 10 years to lifetime
  • LED light source warranties from 5 years, 10 years or 15 years
  • We can service existing lighting systems

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