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Pools & Water Features

Designed, Installed & Maintained

Here at Blue Heron Landscape & Design we can create a customized water feature to suit any landscape. Custom pools, garden ponds, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, and bubbling urns are just a few of the unique items that can transform your landscaping project into a personal haven.

Studies have shown that the sound of falling water increases our levels of serotonin, which in turn energizes us and and puts us in a better mood. So not only do fountains and waterfalls help reduce stress but they can also renew us from the hard day's work. When adding a water feature to your outdoor living space you are adding a focal point that will bring elegance and appeal to your space plus improve your well being and overall happiness.

Water features are a great way to revamp a simple outdoor space. They need be neither high maintenance nor complicated when designed well. Adding something as simple as a waterfall to a pool or water source can add a dramatic flair. Bubbling urns and fountains are other ways to add the tranquility and relaxing nature of running water to your outdoor space.

waterfall feature in lagoon style pool
waterfall into bean shaped pool
hot tub falling into pool design in a backyard
fountain being built under construction
3 fountains pouring into the side of a bean shaped pool
custom pool design with brick work around pool deck