Drainage Solutions

Designed, Installed & Maintained

---- residential-stormwater-management-589x406-300x2061 (large)        No water situation is impossible to solve!  We design, install and provide a written warranty...

        A) "Passive" drainage systems, i.e. gravity causes the water to move away from the target area

        B) "Active" drainage systems, i.e. where the design includes collection areas from which water is pumped away from the target area. An active drainage system can include a second pump failsafe and loss-of-power backup generator(s) to make the likelihood of failure of the system very, very low.
       Other benefits of a professionally designed and installed drainage solution by Blue Heron...
        1. Piping is underground and not visible. 
        2. Solid professional grade PVC pipe is not infiltrated by soil or roots and moves water faster than the flexible black pipe used by many homeowners (and even some contractors).
       3. Channel drain has attractive options and is strong enough to support vehicular traffic.
                                  Residential Passive Installation

             Water was required to be moved at least 50 feet from the rear of the home.

---- right.3 (large)
Left downspout drainage, during construction
---- right.2 (large)
Right downspout drainage, during construction

---- left.6 (large)
Pop up drain for end of downspout drainage, during construction

Why Move Water?...

Water lying near and or under the home is more than annoying, it can be dangerous.

Water and damp conditions:

1) Can prevent recreational use of the areas around your home.

2) Can prevent grass and plantings from thriving or even surviving in the damp or wet area.

3) Can become icy in cold weather creating slip hazards.

4) Can damage non-masonry structures, floor joists, steps, decking and siding eventually leading to expensive renovations.

5) Can actually under mind structural integrity of piers, footings and foundation eventually requiring structural renovations.

6) Can lead to severe mold all of which is unhealthy and some of which is deadly.

---- left.5 (large)
Left downspout drain line, during construction
---- left.4 (large)
Left downspout drain line, during construction
---- left.2 (large)
 Left downspout drain line, during construction
---- right.7 (large)
After construction!
---- right.6 (large)
 Right side after...
---- left.7 (large)
 Left side after...
---- IMG_20130620_151809_499 (large)---- IMG_20130620_151806_585 (large)---- IMG_20130620_152845_335 (large)
Commercial Passive Installation   
Water was required to be moved at least 35 feet from building.
---- 2011-10-11_16-38-06_813 (large)---- 2011-10-11_15-34-23_880 (large)
---- 2011-10-11_15-33-11_23 (large)
 Other examples of drainage solutions...               
         ---- short_pipe (large)           ---- lawn.drain (large)
               Multiple down spout drainage runs                                      Lawn surface drain
---- french.type (large)                    ---- french.like.2 (large)
                       French type drain                                                   French type graphic
                                ---- Channel.drain.drive (large)
                                          Channel drain collector to prevent water entering garage

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